The Mindfulness Director Model

The Mindfulness Director Initiative (MDI) facilitates and supports the comprehensive integration of mindfulness into schools through the work of a dedicated, site-specific Mindfulness Director.

We recruit individuals with deep expertise with mindfulness and youth and then work directly with partner schools to find a best match to serve as the school’s on-staff Mindfulness Director. With our support, the Mindfulness Director teaches mindfulness to students, staff, and other community members, and thoughtfully weaves mindfulness into the community fabric of the school. We match a school with a Mindfulness Director through our School Partnership Program.

Our approach—the Mindfulness Director Model—is all-inclusive and designed to be supportive in a range of school environments, both public and private, regardless of location, grade levels, or the demographics of the population served. It differs from other “add on” school mindfulness programs by integrating mindfulness fully into school life. The Mindfulness Director Model allows for positive effects on a scale much larger than allowed by other types of school mindfulness programs.

The elements that make the Mindfulness Director Model effective are:

Time and opportunity: The Mindfulness Director has flexibility to hold different mindfulness classes for all school community members—staff, students, and parents. Most other programs only touch on one segment of a school community for a short period of time.

Inside-out approach: The Mindfulness Director becomes an internal and integral part of the school community. Instead of an outside organization coming in to apply a one-size-fits-all approach to mindfulness, the Mindfulness Director creates and tailors programming to fit the specific needs of a partner school community.

Continuity: The Mindfulness Director ensures organic integration of mindfulness into all corners of school life so that the synergistic effects of mindfulness can ripple through the community. For example, mindfulness practices can positively impact athletics, the arts, content-area instruction, or simply the way people regularly interact.

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