What’s Possible in Schools

When a school, regardless of grade level configuration, integrates mindfulness into its culture and community through the Mindfulness Director Model, deep impact is possible. Students, staff, and parents develop skills that help them to become calmer, more aware, more focused, and less reactive. These skills and the practices that support them begin to permeate the culture of a school community, positively influencing everything from instructional practices to discipline policies to students’ academic, artistic, and athletic experiences.

Read about the the impact of mindfulness at our pilot schools.

Program Elements

While each school is unique and implements the Mindfulness Director Model to meet its specific needs, a program can and should include a diverse set of offerings, opportunities, and supports. Our model programs include:

Mindfulness curriculum

  • Required semester-long “Introduction to Mindfulness” course for all new students
  • Multiple advanced mindfulness courses for students
  • Introductory and advanced mindfulness courses for all staff
  • Introductory and advanced mindfulness courses for parents
  • Mindfulness lessons delivered in classrooms (especially for younger students)

Integration of mindfulness into school initiatives

  • Intentional integration with social/emotional learning (SEL) activities and programs
  • Intentional support in areas of equity and anti-bias education

Mentoring and co-teaching

  • Consultation to teachers regarding integration of mindfulness into teaching practices
  • Direct instruction in content-areas through co-teaching and/or collaboration with classroom teachers
  • Individual mindfulness meetings for students and staff with the Mindfulness Director
  • Mindfulness mentoring and support for student-athletes, coaches, and teams

Community mindfulness practice and support

  • Regular all-school mindfulness practice
  • Regular drop-in practice led by different members of the community
  • Opportunities for students to be supported in mindfulness throughout the day (i.e. Mindfulness Lunch)
  • Mindfulness Club for interested students
  • Mindfulness resources and support for interested alumni

Summer retreats

  • Annual summer mindfulness retreat for adult members of the school community
  • Annual summer teen mindfulness retreats

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